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Ashes in the Sky by Jennifer M. Eaton

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Publisher: Month9Books
Genre: Science Fiction/ Romance
Edition: Paperback
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Series: Fire in the Woods Book 2

WOW! Jennifer does it again!

I loved this sequel to Fire in the Woods so much! It is definitely on par with, if not better than, it’s predecessor. It was even more action packed and was completely out of this world, literally!

I obviously can’t get too much into the plot of this book but I can tell you that it takes place 2 months after the end of Fire in the Woods but I can talk about a few bits and pieces. In this installment we get more romance, more alien technology, more witty banter, more selfless David, and definitely more stubborn Jess. We also get to really delve into the alien world building side of the story. In the first book we really only get a glimpse of what the Erescopians are and the technology they possess but in Ashes we get to see so much more and Jennifer’s storytelling and wonderful descriptions really shine. I said this with Fire in the Woods and I will say it again, I love how visual Jennifer’s writing style is because it is so easy to picture what is happening. Also, Edgar is my new favorite thing ever. I think we need plush versions of him as swag for this book!

My favorite thing about these books is that they wrap up very well and though there are plot points that obviously demand another installment we get a full book with no huge cliff hangers. I am interested to see what new galaxies book three will take us too because I am DYING to get my hands on it!

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good alien book or anyone that needs an easy fun read to shake up their reading life. These books are perfect for reading any time of the year and will appeal to almost anyone, in my opinion. Please, pick up Fire in the Woods and give this series a shot, it is awesome!

Also, as a little aside… when you get your copy of Ashes in the Sky be sure to check out the dedication! You may see a familiar name there *winky face*

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